Commemorating 150 years of Gandhi Jayanthi through Swachha Drive.
September 24, 2018
Celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of “The Epitome of Truth and Non-Violence” – Mahatma Gandhi
October 5, 2018

Indoor Sports – 2018

SDM PG Centre organised in-door sports in SDM campus. The inauguration was held on 20th September 2018. A day filled with fervor and excitement amidst thrills, shrills and cheers. The day started off with Carrom. Carrom,Chess and Table-Tennis were the proposed in-door events. All the events kept both the students and staff enthralled. These were the days filled with enthusiasm and memories to cherish. On these days students have come up with unique guidelines for the events. Dr.Jomon Lonappan was the faculty co-ordinator. Mr.Kishan, Mr.K.P.Charan, Ms.Sanjana and Ms.Sumayya were the student Co-ordinator.